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About me


Welcome, I'm Nora. I'm an Illustrator, Designer and Fine Artist.  I studied at Columbia University where I obtained my Masters. My thesis was on "MURAL ART: FAD OR ART?"  I decided after a number of years of work as a French Translator to go to FIT - Fashion Institute of Technology to learn digital design.  I also speak French fluently and have lived in Paris, France.  I am native New Yorker and still live in NYC presently!  I love art and what I do!  This is the best feeling in the world and would like to share that creativity with everyone.

Artist's Statement:

My vision as an artist is to convey to other's that art  & design can be a great outlet for healing and inspiration.  I have found that creating and sharing illustration & surface design with others has been the best method for me to bring joy and hope to my life.  I truly believe that it can work for others in much the same way as it has done for me.

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